May 20, 2018  "Looking for God's Spirit"  Pastor Bob Boyar

May 13, 2018  "Children of God"  Pastor Bob Boyar

May 6, 2018   "How Do We Combat the Evil One?"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 29, 2018  "Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Hands"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 22, 2018  "True Christian Living"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 15, 2018  "Pathway to Joy-Confession"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 8, 2018  "Fellowship with God"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 1, 2018  "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"  Pastor Bob Boyar

March 25, 2018   "Jesus' Journey to the Cross"  Pastor Bob Boyar 

March 18, 2018  "The Hour Has Come for Jesus to Be Glorified"  Pastor Bob Boyar

March 11, 2018  "Unconditional Love"  Pastor Bob Boyar

March 4, 2018  "Leading in Love"  Pastor Bob Boyar

February 25, 2018  "Contentment in Christ"  Pastor Bob Boyar

February 18, 2018  "Being a Thoughtful Christian"  Pastor Bob Boyar

February 11, 2018  "The Peace of God"  Pastor Bob Boyar

February 4, 2018  "Knowing Christ"  Pastor Bob Boyar

January 28, 2018 "Commitment to Christ"  Pastor Bob Boyar

January 14, 2018  "Looking Out for Other's Interests"  Pastor Bob Boyar

January 7, 2018  "Are You Having a Bad Moment?"   Pastor Bob Boyar

December 31, 2017   "Discerning What is Best"

December 24, 2017  "Advent Love"  Pastor Bob Boyar

December 3, 2017  "Advent Hope"  Pastor Bob Boyar

November 26, 2017  "Shepherd King"  Bill Weispfenning, Comm. Pastor

November 19, 2017  "Mary and Martha"  Pastor Bob Boyar

November 12, 2017  "For Such a Time as This"   Rev. Dr. Candace Adams

November 5, 2017  "Abigail"  Pastor Bob Boyar

October 29, 2017  "Hannah"  Pastor Bob Boyar

October 22, 2017  "Ruth and the Unnamed Widow"  Pastor Bob Boyar

September 24, 2017  "Hagar"  Pastor Bob Bob Boyar

September 17, 2017  "Sarah"   Pastor Bob Boyar

September 10, 2017  "Eve - The Mother of All Life"  Pastor Bob Boyar

September 3, 2017  "Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers"  Pastor Bob Boyar

August 13, 2017  "No Worries! Prepare for Turbulence"  Bill Weispfenning, CRE

August 6, 2017  "The Power of a Name"  Pastor Bob Boyar

July 30, 2107  "One True Love"  Pastor Bob Boyar

July 23, 2017  "Discovering God in the Hard Places"  Pastor Bob Boyar

July 16, 2017  "God's Blessings and Guidance Through Prayer"  Pastor Bob Boyar

July 9, 2017  "Finding a Wife for Isaac"  Pastor Bob Boyar

July 2, 2017  "Abraham and Isaac"  Pastor Bob Boyar

June 25, 2017  "Hagar and Ishmael"  Pastor Bob Boyar

June 18, 2017  "I Believe in the Life Everlasting"  Pastor Bob Boyar

June 11, 2017  "I Believe in the Resurrection of the Body"  Pastor Bob Boyar

June 4, 2017  "The Coming of the Holy Spirit"  Pastor Bob Boyar

May 28, 2017  "I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins"

May 14, 2017  "I Believe in the communion of the saints"  Pastor Bob Boyar

May 7, 2017  "I Believe in the Holy Spirit"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 23, 2017  "Jesus Gives Us Peace and Our Mission"  Pastor Bob Boyar

April 16, 2017  "The Power of the Resurrection"  Easter Sunday - Pastor Bob Boyar

April 9, 2017  "Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem and Into Our Hearts"  Palm Sunday - Pastor Bob Boyar 

April 2, 2017  "He Shall Come to Judge the Quick and the Dead"  Pastor Bob Boyar

March 26, 2017  "He Ascended into Heaven, and Sitteth on the Right Hand of God, the Father Almighty”    Pastor Bob Boyar   

March 19, 2017 "He Descended into Hell; the Third Day He Rose Again From the Dead"  Pastor Bob Boyar

March 5, 2017  "Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart"  Pastor Bob Boyar

March 1, 2017  "Return to the Lord"  Ash Wednesday Service    Pastor Bob Boyar

February 26, 2017  "I Believe in Jesus Christ, Who was Conceived by the Holy Ghost, Born of the Virgin Mary"  Pastor Bob Boyar

February 19, 2017  "I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord"

February 12, 2017  "Spiritual Wisdom"   Bill Weispfenning, CRE

February 5, 2017  "In Need of Rest"   Rev. Mindy Meier

January 29, 2017  "Maker of Heaven and Earth"  Pastor Bob Boyar

January 15, 2017  "God"  Pastor Bob Boyar

January 8, 2017  "I Believe"  Pastor Bob Boyar

December 24, 2016  Christmas Eve Service  Pastor Bob Boyar

December 11, 2016  "Weakness Makes Room"  Pastor Bob Boyar

December 4, 2016  "Hope and Harmony"  Pastor Bob Boyar

November 27, 2016  "Prepare the Way of the Lord"  Pastor Bob Boyar

November 20, 2016  "Giving Thanks for Jesus"  Pastor Bob Boyar

November 13, 2016  "Dreaming and Living Large"     Bill Weispfenning, CRE

October 30, 2016  "Freedom"  Pastor Bob Boyar

October 23, 2016  "The Pharisee and the Tax Collector"   Pastor Bob Boyar

October 16, 2016  "Praying With Perseverance"   Pastor Bob Boyar

October 9, 2016  "The Unchained Word"   Pastor Bob Boyar

September 25, 2016 "The Rich Man and Lazarus"   Pastor Bob Boyar

September 11, 2016  "The Ninety and Nine"   Pastor Bob Boyar

September 4, 2016  "The Cost of Discipleship"   Pastor Bob Boyar

  July 24, 2016   "The Lord's Prayer"   Pastor Bob Boyar

  July 17, 2016   "Jesus, Priceless Treasure"    Pastor Bob Boyar

  June 12, 2016  "Forgiveness and Gratitude"   Pastor Bob Boyar

  April 3, 2016  "Peace be Still. Do Not Doubt But Believe"    Pastor Bob Boyar