The Deacons seek to personify our church's mission, "Sharing Christ's Love Through Service."  These officers commit to carrying out several responsibilities within the church and throughout the community.


Deacons serve to reach beyond the walls of the church with service, sympathy, and witness.  By supporting Caring Ministry, providing transportation to and from church, preparing meals, and aiding community support groups, this group aims to fulfill its goal of service.  Through cards to members, visits with those unable to attend Sunday service, and fellowship with the entire congregation in and outside the chruch, the Deacons hope to fulfill the goals of sympathy and witness.


Within the United Presbyterian Church of Jamestown, our Deacons have organized game nights, fellowship dinners, Salvation Army bell ringing, church transportation, and charitable giving opportunities.  To promote the community of the United Presbyterian Church of Jameston, the Deacons give gifts to graduates, college students, new parents, servicemen and women, and others.


By the tenets of sympathy, witness, and service, the Deacons strive to "Share Christ's Love Through Service" with the church and community of Jamestown.  As Christ reached out to us, the Deacons hope to emulate His mission.


Those currently serving as Deacons:


Delbert Bossingham

Vickie Enger

Dixie Lee

Janet Miller

Jackie Tarpinian

Doreen Wegner, Chairperson

Cindy Wermager

Sandy Worm

Jerome Zamgba








Reach the lost and broken

Our mission is simply to reach the lost and broken, wherever they may be

Pray and Worship

Center and anchor everything we do with prayer

Grow as a Church

We strive to grow together as a church. Fellowship and growing together through God.


We have many community outreach programs. Take a look below and see what your best fit would be.

  • Salvation Army
  • Community Action Food Pantry
  • S.A.F.E. Shelter
  • Teen City Community Center
  • Relay for Life
  • Caring Ministry


"I have been overwhelmed with the love and support of the church. They made me feel right at home."


"Being new to the town was difficult. Once I walked through the doors of the church I instantly felt welcomed."