This is our story.

Volunteers are a very important to the life of the church.  From the Session and Deacon members to every person who gives of their time and talent to see that the church is clean and well maintained and every event runs smoothly.  Volunteers welcome our congregation and visitors before worship, volunteers sing in our wonderful chancel choir, volunteers serve during special events, volunteers visit the nursing homes and visit the elderly and homebound and the list goes on and on. 

We believe that we were given a special purpose.

There is a volunteer place for every church member.  Serving on committees, sanctuary flowers, Sunday School teacher/assistant, Vacation Bible School, liturgist, choir member, call on shut-ins, yard maintenance or sub in the church office.  All these jobs are important and keep our church running smoothly.  If you see something here you might be interested in please contact the church office at 701-252-1748.

Our mission is very simple, but very important.

"Sharing Christ's Love Through Service"